MEDIA WORKS BLOOM INC. possesses a number of shopping channels in TV stations, and has been developing its business mainly by providing products to the mail-order business of TV stations all over the country.

It has been creating hit products through its SP operations of putting goods to the market in global scale and developing multiple and cross-media strategies based on its power of TV media. Therefore, a number of hit products from various classes have been created. How about creating the next hit product together with us?

Main business contents of MEDIA WORKS BLOOM INC.

  • Delivering Made-in-Japan products and product planning
  • Planning and implement of OEM, ODM
  • Product planning and development both at home and abroad
  • Product SP planning in multi-channels (TV, radio, WEB, shops, magazines, etc.)
  • Promotional relationship with manufacturers, trading companies
  • E-COMMERCE business and consulting

Active cooperation also with those from abroad.

Commodity sales inside Japan

A comprehensive production leading to success is conducted in Japan.

We also provide supports for manufacturers and trading companies developing products in foreign countries to sell their products in Japan. Including the casting, tie-ups, and promotion planning of products, we can also provide support on commodity selection and the arrangement to make it hit in Japan by using multiple channels (TV, radio, WEB, shops, magazines, etc.).

Commodity sales to overseas

For those who are looking for commodity sales in overseas

We can also utilize our knowledge on commodity and oversea network to help those who are looking for Japanese goods sold in foreign countries. If we can talk about the required image of products along with the target gender, age zone, or regions, we can also provide the commodity information as well as the suggestion of ideas at the time of commodity introduction. Deliver Made-in-Japan products to the world. Please let us take care of the OEM and ODM production and export of foreign products.

Company’s outline

Trade name
Established in
March 1991
30,000,000 yen
List of directors
Representative Director Shigekatsu Takeda
Representative Director Kazutoshi Shimizu
Executive Officer Tsutomu Oguriyama
Executive Officer Osamu Kuroda
Legal counsel
Kyoei Comprehensive Legal Group
Takeda Hasegawa Law Office
Akira Hasegawa
Tax adviser
ABE Koju certified tax accountant office
Certified tax accountant Koju Abe
Labor adviser
Uchiyama personnel management office.
Masatsugu UCHIYAMA
Post 10800143
Sunshine Building 4F, 31-10, Shiba 5-chome, Tokyo
TEL 03(5419)8525 FAX 03(5419)8527
Logistics and warehouse
Shiohama Warehouse/Shiohama 2-30, Kawaichi, Chiba
Shimogawa/Osato 537-1, Shimogawa city, Chiba
Main customers
TV Asahi Corp., Loppinglife Co., Ltd., Grand Marche., Inc. (TBS), Nippon Television Network
Corporation, QVC Japan Inc., Jupiter Shop Channel co., Ltd., TV Tokyo Corporation, ABC
Media Communications, Sentens Co., Ltd, Kansai TV Hazz Co., Ltd., Digital Direct Co., Ltd.,
Dinos Inc., Nissen Co., Ltd., Belluna Co., Ltd., Cecile Co., Ltd., Recruit Co., Ltd. / others,
Sahara International Group, Shuei Industrial, Inc. BeWell, Footmark Co., Ltd., Mariannu.Co,.
Ltd, Fujipacks Hanbai Co., Ltd., Yamano Music Co., Tsutanoya / others